Alum Preneur to Steward Program Submission Deadline


The Alum-Preneur to Steward program is a gateway for entrepreneur alum. The chapter aims to highlight both the alum and their business during a designated month. During their assigned month the alum signs on to gift a percentage of their revenue or a percentage from a particular item/services for one month.

Example: John Smith owns a boutique in uptown charlotte and has agreed to 5% of his total sales for the month of January. Smith is also featuring a new t-shirt design during this month and ½ of the proceeds of this particular design will also be gifted to the chapter at the end of January.


The primary target group of alumni includes those with business in the Charlotte area. However, the program is not limited to Charlotte alumni. Alum-Preneur to Steward is open to all Johnson C. Smith alum.


This program launches February 2016 through July 2016. Gifts obtained by May 31, 2016 can be donated as the owners individual giving gift to the Charlotte Alumni Chapter. We will also use your gift to contribute to unrestricted giving campaign, funding Smart classrooms, student scholarships, and further advancements for the university.

The goal is to have 2-3 businesses per month. Each business will be promoted via social media, email, and the chapter website. While the percentage amount is completely up to the business owner there is a gift guarantee of at least $150.00. If you decided to give a percentage of your sales for the month one of our fellow Alumni will be follow up with you at the end of your month to see what you would like to contribute. If you decide to donate the gift guarantee of $150.00, you can do so upon completing the submission form.

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Khristy Womack-Smith, Chair
704.464.1978 |
Ashley Hughes, MPA, Co-Chair
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